Tal-Qroqq subway is 'a nightmare'

Students find it safer to brave the traffic above

The subway at Tal-Qroqq under the skatepark is in a terrible state and far from being a safe alternative to traffic, the Gozo University Students Group (GUG) said today.

The area is used frequently by Gozitan University students who live in nearby flats.

"Imagine walking through a dark and chilly tunnel not sure if there is anyone at the end of this darkness. This is the reality faced by those students who have to use the subway to go back home," the group said.

"The subways are in a terrible state. Ever since we switched back to winter time, the already dark sub-terrain corridors got even worse. Any feeling of security leaves you as soon as you enter since the lights do not work. Many students feel safer facing the busy roads above," it said.

Students and parents alike have expressed their concerns claiming that “it is horrible” and that it is “an unbelievable nightmare”.  

The group also recalled how earlier this year the subway was flooded.

It urged the authorities to take immediate remedial action.

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