Fined €8,000 for posting picture of former partner in bed with somebody else

A man has been fined €8,000 after having posted on Facebook a picture of his former partner in bed with somebody else.

Domenic Savio Micallef of St Paul’s Bay, was found guilty of having committed the crime in October 2015.

The court heard that the man and his former partner had access to each other’s computer accounts while they were in their relationship.

After the relationship broke down, Mr Micallef abusively posted a picture of his former partner in bed with somebody else, on his partner's Facebook wall, without permission.

The court said it was satisfied that the evidence produced by the Police Cybercrime Unit confirmed that it was Mr Micallef who had uploaded the picture.

The court said it did not need to know the reason for Mr Micallef’s actions, although one could assume what his purpose was.

In considering punishment, Magistrate Anthony Vella said the court strongly condemned such actions, where people anonymously tried to harm other people.
This was nothing other than vindictive action against a person with whom one would have had an intimate relationship which broke down.  

Mr Micallef was fined €8,000.