Drunken man tasered in police station after assaulting officers

The man has been jailed for a year

A self-confessed alcoholic who had to be restrained after he assaulted two policemen at Msida police station was today handed a one-year prison sentence.

It was a sober and repentant Joseph Compagno, 35, residing at a Birkirkara shelter, who stood before Magistrate Francesco Depasquale early this afternoon and admitted his wrongdoing.

Wearing bermudas, t-shirt and bearing plasters around his elbow, he blurted out “My problem is drink. It's not a daily habit but once I start it's difficult to stop.”

Inspector Mark Anthony Mercieca explained how the accused had entered the police station yesterday afternoon in an evident state of intoxication.

The man began to bicker with the officers for no apparent reason. As the situation heated up, the accused threatened and assaulted two police officers who had to physically restrain him.

In the course of the ensuing scuffle, a taser was used to restrain the offender who broke out into foul language and refused to obey orders.

In court, the man was charged with multiple offences related to the violent episode. He was also accused of being a relapser, with having breached the conditions of a conditional discharge as well as the conditions of bail granted in July 2016.

Having explained to the court how his three attempts to undergo rehabilitation had always been interrupted by court proceedings and stints behind bars, the man listened attentively as the court declared him guilty and condemned him to a jail term of one year.

The court also ordered the confiscation of the €5,000 personal guarantee relative to the bail decree which had been breached.

The court further recommended that the prison authorities were to ‘immediately’ provide all necessary help for the accused to overcome his drinking problem, pointing out that it was in his own best interest for the man to cooperate accordingly.

Inspector Mark Anthony Mercieca prosecuted.

Lawyer Noel Bartolo was legal aid.

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