Delia to publish statement of assets, liabilities a day before leadership election

PN leadership contender Adrian Delia said today that he will publish an account of his assets and liabilities tomorrow after his auditors completed an exercise requested of them 'on time'. He said the statement will also include details on his financial interests. 

Dr Delia faces Chris Said in the election for PN leader on Saturday.

Dr Delia was speaking at a press conference outside PN headquarters, where he thanked party volunteers for their work.

He said the organisation of the election was a mammoth task, but he was pleased with the enthusiasm, shown by the party members.

The ultimate beneficiary from this exercise was the PN, which would emerge stronger, he said. This, he said, was like a town which celebrated two feasts. It was divided, but quickly united after the feasts were over.  

He said the past weeks had been fruitful for him as he met the party members and was impressed by the enthusiasm shown. 

Asked a question related to his former lawyer, who was struck off the PN membership list for having been a freemason, Dr Delia said his lawyer's business was not his own and in the same way as he did not comment on his clients, he would not comment on the lawyer he appointed to handle his libel cases.

Dr Delia said he would accept the electoral result unless something happened which manipulated the process, however he had no such information.

He said his priority if elected would be to unite the party as the elections of the deputy leaders and the general secretary took place.  

Other priorities in the first 100 days, he said, included preparing for the Independence festivities, the reopening of Parliament and the Budget. 

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