Theatre academy internationally accredited

Students can now study at O'Level standard

The Accreditation Unit (DQSE) recently accredited the Malta branch of the international Helen O’Grady Academy at Level 3 of the Malta Qualifications Framework (MQF) for its Development through Drama programme in non-formal education.

Registered students aged nine and upwards attending the acclaimed development programme will achieve an award pegged at MQF level 3, which is similar to an O’level, after succeeding in a number of attainable modules. The new Helen O’ Grady credit will be recognised in Malta and across the whole of the European Union.

The importance of drama as a learning tool is indisputable

"The importance of drama as a learning tool is indisputable and this recognition for our award-winning development programme and for our students is a fantastic step forward,” said Helen O'Grady Malta Principal Alan Montanaro.

Interested students attending our Upper Primary and Youth Theatre classes will be able to complete either individual awards (modules), or go for the full programme leading to certification in Malta and across the EU.

“The different modules are all drama based, however the learning outcomes are various and designed to last a lifetime. “Keeping the Academy’s trademark “fun” remains our top priority”, Mr Montanaro said.

Helen O'Grady Chief Executive Officer Nigel Le Page described this recognition as a wonderful and important achievement for the Academy in Malta, as well as our international network”

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