Promoting water sustainability at Mosta school

Two projects supported by the HSBC water programme Catch the Drop are promoting water sustainability at Maria Regina College Secondary School, Żokrija, Mosta.

One project involved recovering rainwater and directing it to a water tank and a filter via a 30-metre deep borehole.

The system runs at very low cost and uses the force of gravity. Some of the collected rainwater is used to water plants at the school.

The other project involved placing a new 1,000-litre re­servoir on the school’s terrace, and directing harvested rainwater into a filtered pond of fish used for the school’s aquaculture programme.

Waste water from the pond is in turn fed into the school’s irrigation system, thus recycling water and giving plants rich organic nutrients.

The projects are expected to expand the students’ concept of sustainability.

The HSBC Catch the Drop programme was launched in 2013. The educational campaign aims to promote water literacy in Malta by involving all segments of society, particularly students.

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