Azure Window used to promote conference about sea conservation

EU maritime department says the choice of image is intentional

The Azure Window appeared in anything from perfume adverts to episodes of hit TV series Game of Thrones

Now, almost six months since its sudden collapse and disappearance, the European Union's maritime and fisheries department has found a somewhat unusual use for an image of the iconic site: to promote a global sea conservation conference.

An online banner for the Our Ocean conference to be held in Malta this October features an image of the iconic Dwejra rock formation, which vanished into the sea last March. 

The banner was shared by the EU's maritime and fisheries department in a tweet targeting journalists which was retweeted by, among others, the department's head, EU Commissioner Karmenu Vella.

At least one potential recruit was quick to point out that the choice of image is somewhat unfortunate and could send out the wrong message.  

But the department has said that it is well aware of the Azure Window's fate and that the choice of image is intentional.

"We know," the department tweeted in response to a Politico journalist who noted that the window is no more. "The Azure Window was a symbol of the #OurOcean conference and still is, reminding us fragility [sic] of marine ecosystems and landscapes." 

The Our Ocean conference will bring together global leaders to commit to new actions to ensure sustainable fisheries, mitigate climate change impacts, announce new marine protected areas and fight marine pollution. 

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