Today's front pages

Good morning. This is a summary of the leading stories in today's local newspapers. 

The Sunday Times of Malta leads with news that PD's Godfrey Farrugia has not excluding a bid to take over the party reins once his partner Marlene quits the role in October. 

In a secondary story, the paper reports that company meant to be opening a hospital at Smart City has been given a final warning to cough up €4.7 million it owes or be declared in default. 

The Malta Independent on Sunday reports that residents of Munxar are kicking up a stink about plans to begin operating a manure clamp in their village despite health risks. 

In a secondary story, the paper says that Marlene Farrugia remains open to the suggestion of running as Nationalist Party leader in five years' time. 

Malta Today reports that Magħtab is fast running out of space, with Cabinet warned the landfill could be full in as little as 18 months' time.

Il-Mument highlights three stories on its front page, giving prominence to the three separate traffic deaths reported yesterday in the space of 12 hours, a US State Department report finding that Malta is a source country for human trafficking and reports of a prisoner spotted in a ministerial car in the CCF yard.

It-Torca leads with a John Dalli story, with the former EU Commissioner saying that no amount of compensation can ever make up for the loss he has suffered. Mr Dalli has opened a €1 million suit against the European Commission. 

Illum reports that many outgoing PN leader Simon Busuttil, his deputy Beppe Fenech Adami and the absolute majority of the party's executive council do not want Adrian Delia to become PN leader. 

Kullħadd highlights Fitch's decision to upgrade Malta's long-term rating to 'A+'

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