Mistra Bay, open air disco and caravans

Many of us remember the Mistra saga which caused such a political uproar.

The then Labour Opposition accused the Nationalist government of corruption for trying to protect Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando as he tried to develop a property on the Mistra site as an open-air disco.

Nowadays the same political party that found this application so scandalous is doing far worse:  it is allowing permits in ODZ areas. What hypocrisy!

Dr Pullicino Orlando wept heartily in front of the cameras, calling for compassion, but once his tears dried up he became a Labour candidate. Lawrence Gonzi’s efforts to protect Dr Pullicino Orlando proved futile while Joseph Muscat lured him to his party.

We also remember when Alfred Sant addressed a press conference at Mistra, claiming that Dr Pullicino Orlando was involved in corruption. Now they all belong to the same politi­cal family like nothing ever happened between them.

I would like to suggest to Dr Sant that he visits Mistra Bay to see what has become of this place he had tried to protect. The same political party that fought against any form of deve­lopment is now allowing, perhaps encouraging, a group of caravan squatters to take over this tiny bay. This quaint little bay looks like one of the gypsy sites that has invaded the periphery of Rome.

The bay has been taken over by caravans, giving the impression that the entire site belongs to them. Music blares loudly, especially late in the evenings. Just to poke fun at common citi­zens, a sign warning that caravans are not allowed has been placed just in front of the caravans, as if to say: “This is a site for a special cult, common citizens are forbidden”.

The police were alerted, the MTA were informed, the local council was notified, and no one took action. I said these people are a special cult, so much so that one evening they had the cheek to complain about some noise coming from a restaurant close by. And guess what? The police took action, the same police who ignored all reports about the same illegal caravans.

Slowly but surely we are starting to witness an administration catering for two types of citizens, the few privileged staunch supporters who get the best treatment, and those outcasts who are ignored or punished at will. It all sounds familiar, echoes of the past.

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