Compromise needed at Paradise Bay

I very much enjoy to go swimming at Paradise Bay. This jewel of a cove is endowed with particu­lar rock formations and natural vegetation. There is only one operator at this site and the lido is run on professional lines and has contributed to the general upkeep of the area over the years.

I know that this summer the issue of beach umbrellas is being addressed. I would therefore like to suggest that the matter is considered according to the reality of each particular beach.

Paradise Bay attracts a considerable number of tourists and locals who seek quality and are ready to pay for it, just as one opts to stay in a four- or five-star hotel when travelling abroad, instead of in a three-star hotel.  Most of the visitors do not bring their umbrella because it is a bother to carry them down the long flight of steps.

They are often bewildered that they cannot hire an umbrella and sunbed on the beach. The ones on the terrace are taken up in the first few hours of the morning.  Fewer people are therefore frequenting this beach. The result is a loss of revenue, with the operator forced to reduce the number of workers he employs in order to try to cope under the present circumstances.

I think that a compromise needs to be found. The tourism authorities and the operator can decide together on the maximum number of umbrellas and sunbeds that can be hired on request each day depending on the size of the beach. Enough space can be allocated for those visitors who want to bring their own umbrellas.

Paradise Bay can be a unique experience for all visitors who bother to drive all the way there if the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism develop a plan specifically for this enchanting cove.

This has to be done in collaboration with the operator who, together with all his hard-working employees, have always done their utmost to upgrade their services.

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