Internet connection problems

Q: A few months ago I entered into a two-year contract with a local internet service provider. For the past month I have been experiencing connection problems which resulted in practically no internet for a number of days.

When I complained to the company, I was told they would try and solve my problem as soon as possible. To date I am still experiencing problems that are hindering a stable internet connection. My service provider does not seem to be able to solve the technical issues that are causing a loss of internet connection and hence I wish to terminate my contract without incurring the penalty stipulated in the contract.

What are my rights?

A: It might happen that at times we experience a breakdown in our internet service and therefore could end up with no internet connection.

Short interruptions are understandable and therefore acceptable. What is unacceptable is to not have an internet service for a number of days and, after reporting the technical problem, the service provider still does not manage to resolve the issue hindering a stable internet connection.

Even though the contract you signed might actually cover and protect the service provider in such situations, legally the company is still obliged to resolve technical problems within a reasonable time.

Hence, since the internet connection problem has not yet been resolved within a reasonable period of time, you may request to have your two-year contract terminated prematurely. Obviously you should not incur any expenses or penalties and you should also not pay for the time you were without an internet connection. If you paid in advance for the service, then you are entitled to claim your money back.

It would be advisable to have records of all your communications with your internet service provider, whether it is copies of letters and e-mails or even records of phone conversations as proof that you reported the connection problems and no solution was provided within a reasonable period of time.


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