All at sea: Police truck loaded with boats 'not breaking the law'

Cargo cannot exceed height of the cabin only when the material can be spilt

A large police truck loaded several metres high with three boats raised eyebrows as it was driven along the Birkirkara bypass yesterday, but the police insist no law was broken. 

The picture was sent in by a reader in the wake of an incident last week where a badly loaded truck damaged the ceiling of Kirkop tunnels. 

In another case, a heavily-loaded truck barely managed to clear the roadsigns on the Mrieħel bypass.

Asked to explain, the police said their truck was not overloaded according to weight and all derelict boats were light wrecks which were secured with straps according to law.  

"The law states that only when loading trucks with loose debris or other material that can be spilled on the road, same cannot exceed the height of the cabin and have to be covered," the police said.

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