Double standards subvert and destroy 

While we have a huge amount to be thankful for in the ‘West’ we should also take notice of how double standards are making our lives ever more fractious and less decent.

One instance is the desire for ‘Brexit’. This desire was clearly fuelled by the crass bureaucracy, red tape and the unwavering sheer bloody-mindedness of European Union officials and politicians. Now those same people are blaming Britain, rather than themselves, for the current situation, and wanting reparations because Britain was forced, by their referendum, to leave the EU.

The referendum only came about as a direct result of EU bureaucracy, red tape and intransigence, and their double standards are now producing a ‘lose-lose’ situation for all.

The British people voted to leave the EU against the strong advice of the main political parties, and many other sources, each of whom had a different message as to the unfortunate likely consequences. Almost all these consequences have, to a lesser or greater degree, materialised at this early stage in the Brexit negotiations.

Now the Brexiteers have turned on the government they forced into a situation it did not want and are demanding the impossible. How can the British government, having been forced, by the a diminishing of their electoral mandate, to sit on the ‘naughty stool’ by those who unreasonably wanted all the answers before Brexit negotiations were concluded, ever hope to do the best for their country, when the voters, by their selfish double standards, have further weakened their negotiating position?

Another ‘lose-lose’ situation for all.

Around the so-called free world there are innumerable, but seemingly selfishly and conveniently overlooked, instances of double standards. We mostly claim to be decent people who wish the best for our fellow man, but for in­stance our religious leaders, the largest and most typical of many pressure groups, often seem to contradict this by saying that one must adhere strictly to their ‘code’ or ‘suffer’. Where is the decency, love, inclusion, compassion and understanding in this attitude of selfish control?

The ‘I can so I will’ attitude of many politicians generates appalling instances of double standards, most notably when they demand transparency and obedience to the law from everyone but themselves.

Double standards always create a serious ‘us and them’ feeling which then transforms into a ‘well, if they do that, then why shouldn’t I’ attitude, which helps make our society ever less decent and ever more lawless, unhappy and dissatisfied.

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