Moira Delia talks pigeon culls, animal welfare and enforcement

Full Times Talk interview tomorrow

She came out vehemently against a proposed pigeon cull in Vittoriosa but animal rights campaigner Moira Delia now welcomes the mayor's change of heart and the drive to tackle this problem in a more humane way on a national level.

Interviewed on Times Talk, the television presenter laments the lack of enforcement of animal welfare legislation as she speaks of dog micro-chipping, horses in the sun and the use of chains as dog leashes.

Ms Delia also raises the concerns of animal lovers who would wish to keep their pets' ashes after they die, after the closure of a small-scale crematorium that was operated illegally by a non-governmental organisation.

She also has her say on whether Animal Rights Parliamentary Secretary Clint Camilleri, a hunter, has a conflict in occupying that role.

The full interview will be uploaded tomorrow.

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