PN should not turn into ‘plasticine’ – Gonzi

PN should not turn into ‘plasticine’ – Gonzi

Voters' priority is their pocket, former PM says


The Nationalist Party should understand the developing social realities but should not turn into "plasticine" formed by external elements, former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi has warned.

“You get into politics to lead and not to be led. The party needs to choose fundamental values and in the coming months take decisions according to the best policies,” Dr Gonzi told today's edition of Times Talk.

The former prime minister who led the country for nine years was interviewed by Times of Malta's online editor Herman Grech in the wake of the PN’s heavy defeat in the June 3 general election.

Maltese society has shifted in such a way that the common good has become secondary to personal wealth

Analysing the PN's landslide defeat, Dr Gonzi said people are evidently satisfied with their own economic situation even though they are not happy with the serious corruption claims which have shrouded the Labour government.

"People voted for their pockets first. They chose what directly impacts them. I don't want to sound critical. They do the right thing by choosing their family's interests first. But when compared to governance, corruption claims… it's clear what people chose,” Dr Gonzi said in a diplomatic tone.

He said clientelism will remain an important ingredient to win elections but the Maltese were seeking more than ever to choose whatever was in their personal interest and those of their family.

“We would only be skimming the surface if we resign ourselves to believe it’s just down to currying favours. Maltese society has shifted in such a way that the common good has become secondary to personal wealth. It’s a phenomenon happening in other countries.

Despite the negative result which hammered his party, Dr Gonzi said he believes Simon Busuttil should stay on as PN leader.

He argued that Dr Busuttil did not have enough time to rebuild the party and the “immense” momentum he gathered in the last few months preceding the election proved that he was the right man for the job.


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