Possible corrupt practices

The article ‘PD Leader raises possibility of “corrupt practices” in election’ (June 13) made me think and wonder whether the cubicles set up in the polling booths for the June 3 general election were part and parcel of the game and a premeditation for a Labour victory. These cubicles (it seems), were specifically built to hide those who intended using their mobile phones for malpractices, and away from the eyes of the assistant electoral commissioners.

In past elections, and as far as I can remember, we used to vote with our backs to the AECs. In such cases, the use of a mobile phone would have easily been spotted by the AECs. With the new system, the cubicles offered an easy shelter to those who photographed their voting document in order to show evidence that they voted Labour.

These days, someone was heard saying that in the Rabat area, a family of five were offered solar panels for their votes.

Another dirty trick was used by a university graduate and some Mcast students who declared themselves illiterate. Didn’t these students feel embarrassed claiming illiteracy? This should cause some worry to the Education Department! Isn’t it shameful that they all did this under oath in exchange for promise of money or kind relating to the elections?

Didn’t the AECs smell a rat here? And if the AECs felt that they couldn’t shoulder the responsibility, why didn’t they ask for the intervention of the Electoral Commission? I served as an assistant electoral commissioner many times, and these were the instructions we were always given.

All these and other corrupt practices which are comingto light daily in the press and elsewhere,  put much doubt on the genuinity of the general election results.


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