Watch: 'We will prove road resurfacing sceptics wrong,' says Ian Borg

Watch: 'We will prove road resurfacing sceptics wrong,' says Ian Borg

Transport Minister on Times Talk

Transport Minister Ian Borg has the unenviable task of fulfilling Joseph Muscat's electoral promise to fix all of Malta's roads in just seven years. 

But although road contractors privately suggest such statements are pie in the sky political talk, the Dingli MP is up for the challenge. 

"They used to say the same about the Kappara Junction project," Dr Borg tells senior journalist Bertrand Borg. "We showed we can deliver, and I am convinced we will prove sceptics wrong." 

Dr Borg insisted the Labour government would not dive into rash decisions when it came to public transport, saying all mass transport options remained on the table. 

"To make that sort of decision - like promising a €2 billion metro - without consulting stakeholders or studying a project's ramifications is irresponsible," he said. 

The minister, who will also be responsible for capital projects, said it was time Malta made a great leap forward in terms of infrastructure.

“It is lacking,” he acknowledged. Pressed to name the government’s infrastructure priorities, Dr Borg said the PL now had “a clear mandate” to build some sort of link between Malta and Gozo.

The minister was more circumspect when challenged about concerns of political kowtowing at the Planning Authority, saying he had yet to meet with the PA and would reserve comment until then.

The 31-year-old high-flyer ruled himself out of the race to be PL deputy leader – “I’ve got enough responsibility” – but was coy when asked if he fancied himself in Castille at some point in the future.

“I’ve got five years of work ahead of me, and I intend to live my political life day-by-day.” 

Watch the full Times Talk interview in the above video.

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