Tourists drive to Malta from Britain in 71-year-old car

Tourists drive to Malta from Britain in 71-year-old car

The classic MG TC never missed a beat

Not many British tourists arrive in Malta in their own car. Fewer still come here with a car that is 71 years old.

Briton Peter Sprot was one such visitor.

He arrived here in an MG TC built in 1946, and immediately felt at home, striking up friendships at the Old Motors Club in Mosta.

The ‘adventure,’ he said, had taken him two weeks of leisurely driving, and his old ‘Blubelle’ never missed a beat, his only problem being two punctures and a small petrol leak that was quickly resolved.

The 1.250cc tourer clocked 2,200 miles at an average speed of 55mph.

Peter and wife Mandy left for Dover on May 11, the two-seater car’s limited space packed with spare parts including half shafts, hubs, bearings, seals and brakes, which, fortunately, they did not need to use.

Prior to leaving he changed the car’s steering box, reducing the turning circle so that it could better cope with the alpine passes.

Their journey meandered through several countries including Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Italy, sometimes enabling them to link up with other MG owners on their own trips.

Once in Malta Peter said he could quickly appreciate the Maltese love for well kept classic cars.

“The car was parked outside our rented house all day and it was photographed every ten minutes by passing people.

“We parked in the town square and watched at least six pairs of tourists photograph it as we ate our lunch.”

A historic car in historic surroundings.A historic car in historic surroundings.

On their first Sunday here they were invited to the Old Motors’ Club in Mosta and stumbled on a car boot sale held there.

“What a nice welcome we had from the members when we turned up in the MG at the very nice club house. I even found a dip horn switch exactly the same as the one in my TC. 

“Several of the members went out of their way to come over and chat and as I expected the standard of the Maltese classic cars I saw is outstanding.”

Later in the day, he said, as he leafing through copies of the club’s newsletters, handed to him in the morning, he noticed a picture of a Rover P5B and remembered how a friend had sold one in London to a man who was moving to Malta.

A quick check via Tony Vassallo, the Old Motors Club vice-president confirmed it was the same car – ‘truly a case of small world!”.

The couple have now left Malta and are motoring through France, having first explored Sicily and then taken a ferry to Genoa.

The car continues to perform well, belying its age.


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