Master Crooks

Master Crooks

Malta’s Destiny had a chance of pushing our international musical reputation sky-high but alas she lost out even if she gave a superb show and should have been a winner. 

Malta does shine in many aspects of life. We have seen many honourable people take up positions of proper and true trust and win the spotlight by reaching peaks.  

Malta as a brand is also commendable, shining as a true example of achievement and success amidst the toxic problems of some Mediterranean countries. 

As is often said, we are a gem of a place. 

But we still lack a winner in an international competition. And so I hereby give the world a new one: MASTERCROOK! 

We will win this hands down, by hook or by crook. We, this country of mine, which was a place envied by many, is now the butt of jokes. 

Even if our jurisdiction is not yet a Panama and our legal framework is more than adequate, the perception out there and in here is that we are as bad as that shady outfit. 

And the Castille clique insists that the international media and personalities like the socialist MEP Anna Gomez among others have been forced into saying what they say by Simon Busuttil or Daphne Caruana Galizia. If these two had that kind of power they would be calling the shots in the universe not just be a leader of a party and a journalist on this tiny island of less than half a million souls. 

Castille is run by crooks and no matter how this is glossed over, no matter what silly spin it is given, they are embroiled, and all of them are more than guilty by collusion, complicity, feigned ignorance or by being the perpetrators. 

If you wish us to carry off the title of MASTERCROOK vote for Joseph Muscat and his buddies. If you want to change the direction of our country and give it a truly new era, vote out the crooks and vote in the PN/PD coalition. 

This election is crucial: you either vote for a future or you carry on the crooked past. You can make a difference to Malta’s destiny by voting sanely and choosing Malta, choosing forzanazzjonali. 

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