Negativity personified

Nationalist Party leader Simon Busuttil would be a great liability for Malta were he to become prime minister. He is associated with many things that are so negative, that denigrate Maltese politics. At a time when politics has reached new depths of negativity, Busuttil is the prime personification of this unfortunate trend.

One can start with mentioning the supreme contradiction between what the PN leader preaches and his actual actions. Busuttil very frequently mentions and lauds values in politics. However, he has never openly and strongly condemned the writings of the female hate blogger who paints all Labourites as if they were some sort of inferior subspecies of humans. Of course, this is because the writings of this blogger serve his political purposes quite well.

The same can be said of one of his candidates, a person who turned against the Labour government when his cultural TV programme was axed by PBS. It is shameful how this PN candidate uses highly inappropriate language when referring to his political adversaries. Yet, incredibly, despite all the talk about principles, values and good governance, the PN leader makes no effort whatsoever to censure the behaviour of his offensive candidate.

How can one take Busuttil seriously when there is such a wide gulf separating his words from his actions?

Never in Maltese political history have we seen so many attacks on the Maltese government orchestrated by the PN Opposition overseas. The Nationalists have made a mockery of Malta’s European Union membership by continuously using it as a powerful leverage against the Maltese government. In the process, the damage to Malta’s reputation has been incalculable.

Contrary to what Busuttil asserts, much of the harm to Malta’s good name beyond our shores has come from the way the Nationalists have unscrupulously attacked their own government within EU structures and fora. These attacks have been reinforced by feeding the foreign media with negative and biased information about the current political situation in Malta.

Such actions have met with the disdain and contempt of many Maltese who are very angry at the way the PN leader and his associates have blemished Malta’s image in the eyes of foreigners and, in so doing, have also destroyed a lot of the good work carried out by the Labour government.

The Nationalists have made a mockery of Malta’s EU membership by continuously using it as a powerful leverage against the government

The Nationalist media itself also has a lot to answer for. Through its totally negative portrayal of everything associated with the Labour Party, it has managed to create a big divide within the country between Nationalist supporters and Labour ones.

One also cannot fail to mention the aggressive and rude manner in which one particular PN journalist has hounded the Prime Minister. While it is perfectly legitimate to ask the Prime Minister for his comments on political and government matters, behaviour absolutely lacking in respect towards his exalted position is totally unacceptable.

Apparently, for the PN media, ethics are not part of their vocabulary. What action has the PN leader taken to rectify such an undesirable situation?  Absolutely nothing.

Even the coalition with the Democratic Party and the likes of Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia is something negative. While I respect these persons on a personal basis, my respect for them as politicians is less than zero.

It is obvious that the Farrugia couple have no understanding of the concept of loyalty in politics. Despite the more than admirable way in which they were treated by the Prime Minister, they had no qualms at all in stabbing in the back their fellow Labourites by abandoning their political party in the hour of need and even aligning themselves with Labour’s political adversaries.

Yet Busuttil has welcomed them with open arms in order to manipulate them in his quest for power.

I ask all voters whether they want a person as negative as Busuttil to be prime minister of Malta. Imagine what it would be like to see the reins of power in his hands.

This is the person who is most responsible for the ugly resurgence of political polarisation. He is also irresponsible in too many matters to be entrusted with leading the country. His sole objective in the last few years has been undermining the Labour government. Contrast this with the admirable and loyal way Labour behaved when in opposition.

Simon Busuttil’s speeches are simply empty rhetoric. His words may be enticing but the discernible and intelligent voter will quickly note that the PN Leader’s actions betray him.

Simon Busuttil is certainly not fit to be Prime Minister.

Desmond Zammit Marmarà is a Labour Party Balzan councillor.


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