Electoral Commission 'messed up big time' - Alleanza Bidla

Insists candidates can contest more than two districts

Alleanza Bidla has appealed an Electoral Commission decision on the number of districts that can be contested by candidates – a case which could have a profound impact on the way that parties prepare their electoral strategies.

At present, candidates only put their name down to contest a maximum of two districts.

On Wednesday, the Electoral Commission upheld a complaint by Patrijotti Maltin against Alleanza Bidla after it fielded candidates on more than the traditional two districts: Ivan Grech Mintoff on 12 districts, Joseph Giardina on 11 and Saviour Xuereb on 10.

The Electoral Commission accepted the nominations on Saturday.

Patrijotti secretary Norman Scicluna insists that the legal framework was designed for candidates to contest no more than two districts – in fact, if a candidate were to be elected from two districts, he had to relinquish one.

However, the head of Alleanza insists that the ruling is wrong and that if their judgment of the Court of Appeal goes their way, it could change things forever.


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