Beauty sleep is a real thing, research finds

Lack of sleep may make you less attractive to others

Photo: Shutterstock

Photo: Shutterstock

A recent study has found that beauty sleep is no myth, according to The Independent.

The study published by Royal Society Open Science Journal suggests that those who do not get a proper night's sleep appear less attractive to those around them.

Researchers from Stockholm University claim that just two consecutive nights of poor sleep could have a significant affect on one's appearance.

For the study, 25 participants were asked to get a decent night's sleep for two nights in a row. During the following week, they were then asked to limit themselves to only four hours sleep per night for two consecutive days.

The results of this study are down to human instinct and the fight for survival that has been ingrained within in us from time immemorial.

Following each session, volunteers were pictured without makeup. 122 strangers were then asked to rate the photos based on attractiveness, health, energy and trustworthiness.

The difference in responses to the two sessions clearly demonstrated that the lack of sleep was visible of the participants' faces, while also having potentially negative effects of their social lives.

The selected strangers admitted that they would be less willing to interact with those faces pictured after two nights of poor sleep, versus those pictured after two decent sleeps. They commented on the fact that the former appeared less healthy, less attractive and less reliable.

The researchers said: "Sleep-deprived individuals look less healthy, and humans, like many other animals, tend to be disease-avoidant.

“If someone appears to be contagious, others are likely to keep their distance.”

This hints at the fact that the results of this study are down to human instinct and the fight for survival that has been ingrained within in us from time immemorial. 


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