Watch: PN-AD coalition talks hit a snag

Watch: PN-AD coalition talks hit a snag

Agreement on principles but not on method

The PN's Simon Busuttil and AD's Arnold Cassola speak following the meeting. Video: Chris Sant Fournier

Initial talks between the Nationalist Party and Alternattiva Demokratika to form a coalition ahead of the next general election seem to have hit a stumbling block.

Speaking to the press following initial discussions this afternoon, both PN and AD leaders said that there is a general consensus on the political principles but the method is problematic.

Disagreement stemmed from the PN's insistence that AD candidates contest the election under their ticket while using a nickname to distinguish them, much like the agreement reached with Marlene Farrugia's Partit Demokratiku.  

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But AD chairman Arnold Cassola insisted that coalition candidates should run under a completely different name, to reflect the new political grouping.

"If Malta's national football team has ten players from Hibs and one from Swieqi, it's called Malta and not Hibs," he said.

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He said that their proposal is that a new national force is formed and all parties fighting against “Labour’s corruption” contest under its name.

Both sides agreed that technical discussions will continue in the coming days.

Dr Cassola ruled out a coalition with Labour, stating that the “coalition’s purpose is to remove Dr Muscat’s corrupt clique from power.”


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