Under a common umbrella

Talk of grouping different political parties together has deeper implications than simply displaying the parties under one umbrella, keeping a distinctive logo and equal space on the ballot paper.

Years back, Silvio Berlusconi created a political alliance Il Polo Della Libertà (The Pole of Freedom). It was one of the first examples of joint collaborations of its kind and Berlusconi was the only Italian prime minister in living history to complete a full mandate even though there are many contrasting opinions on his tenure.

Even a small party, garnering only one per cent of the vote, Il Partito dei Pensionati (The Pensioners’ Party) was roped in. This alliance proved to be the correct magical formula. A well-thought plan which was executed in a proper fashion.

Back then, good human management was the order of the day and with genuine concern for a common goal, rather than egocentric ideas. Malta needs the same clear five-year programme that suits the islands today, translating the will of the voters. Therefore, the reasoning that follows is logical.

Competing with the Labour government is reason enough for a coalition and cooperation between the Nationalist Party (PN) and the Democratic Party (PD).

For many, the Labour Party has crossed the famous red line by miles. The ability that for once we forget the tribal mentality of ‘us and them’ and concentrate on the ‘all of us’ is fantastic and surely needed.

But why not include other parties like Alternattiva Demokratika?

AD is the longest existing third party in Malta’s history even though they made no breakthrough in Parliament. Although it elects councillors in some localities it seems to lose out in general elections.

Let all political parties take a step back and give the voters a voice that has been missing for a quarter of a century

AD’s leadership are happy to make a voters’ voice heard locally, but cannot seem to strike chords with their same voters on a national level. Then the question beckons. Let all parties take a step back and give the voters a voice that has been missing for a quarter of a century. The electorate should demand this and urge for such a solution. Let’s get real and get a mutually beneficial solution – no illusions.

Nobody has ever been perfect and nobody will ever be perfect. Coalition agreements are possible with a clear agenda, correctness, honesty and good governance. It is easy to find fault in any proposal, but the mission statement is ‘to give a voice to each vote’.

The Maltese electoral system is such that this idea is the best fit to most exigencies. Today’s agenda is to return Malta and Gozo to normality. We all have this duty to the country.

The present vote margin is what it is and the solution of collaborating with AD is staring right at us. It’s about time to give these voters a long-awaited voice. All other issues are secondary.

Taking the chance of garnering various first count votes under a common umbrella and stay in contention for subsequent votes will initially not be welcomed by the very base voter, however, this opportunity will increase their votes in the following counts with a better chance of getting elected.

A real new and modern way of doing politics that benefits Malta as truly the best in Europe.

Robert Arrigo is a Nationalist Party MP.


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