No firearms licensed in Deniro Magri's name

Compilation of evidence continues

A female police officer stationed at Ħamrun today testified that a search on the Police Weapons System had shown that no firearms had been licensed under the name of Deniro Magri, the man currently facing criminal proceedings over the murder of Sylvester Farrugia in Marsa last February.

This information was revealed in court this morning as the compilation of evidence continued in the presence of the accused, as relatives of both the accused and the victim watched attentively from the back of the courtroom.

The court, presided by magistrate Aaron Bugeja, also heard the testimony of another officer stationed at Ħamrun who, on February 12, had gone to Simpson Street, Marsa shortly after 5am after being alerted about the discovery of the suspected murder.

This officer recalled that he had been present at the scene when the ambulance arrived and was there when the victim's body was taken away in the police hearse. The court was told that the victim had been lying face up, close to his car with blood trickling from his mouth and some blood on his chest.

The officers who arrived first on site had checked the victim's pockets for any means of identification but had taken care not to move the body. Later, an ambulance team had certified that the man was dead, as confirmed today in court by Martin Tabone, the ambulance driver who that day drove the team to Simpson Street at around 5.30am.

The scene of crime had been cordoned off with police tape while officers, photographers and court experts preserved the evidence. The court also heard how members of the public had alerted the police's attention to a reddish jumper which was spotted under a parked car. This was carefully removed and handed over to the forensic experts for further investigations.

Mr Magri had allegedly shot at two men who were attempting to set fire to the door of his house in Marsa in the early hours of February 12.

The lifeless body of Sylvester Farrugia was discovered a couple of hours later, some three blocks away from Mr Magri's residence, by a female police officer who happened to drive through Simpson Street while on her way to report on first duty at the Marsa police station.

Inspector Keith Arnaud prosecuted.

Lawyers Giannella DeMarco, Franco Debono and Marion Camilleri were defence counsel. Lawyer Jason Azzopardi appeared parte civile.