Anarchy on the roads

I felt compelled to write about the lawlessness on our roads – from drivers to pedestrians. It is clear there are no rules any more on our roads.

Early morning suppliers to convenience shops flout all parking rules and leave their delivery vans/trucks wherever it suits them, many a time causing traffic jams.

Indicators have become useless appendices in cars and hardly anyone uses them. Same with stop signs, drivers coming out of side streets blocking traffic so they can exit.

Motorcyclists overtake on both right and left and often drive in the middle of the road.

Drivers wanting cheesecakes park cars in front of the shop, possibly on a yellow line and couldn’t care less if a lane is blocked.

Driving in our streets has become a zig-zag between cars parked outside parking bays with hazard lights on.

Buses have gone back to the pre-Arriva times and do not stop on bus lanes and board passengers beyond bus stops, thus blocking traffic. If the mobile phone rings, either drivers carry on driving with the mobile phone stuck to their ear or they stop wherever it suits them. I have even come across a person answering the phone at a car park barrier exit, making sure no one leaves.

U-turns have become the norm and trying to find a proper exit to change direction is considered by some as a waste of time.

As to pedestrians, I have come across elderly people crossing wherever it suits them and, at a pedestrian crossing in St Julian’s, foreigners do not wait for traffic to halt but just walk across the road.

Before politicians announce mega projects, I think it would be better if they insist on some basic rules on our roads because I am sure the anarchy that exists is contributing to traffic jams.





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