Making flying greener and safer

Prof. David Zammit Mangion from the University of Malta is working on a project called Clean Sky which aims to ensure a safer and more environmentally friend­ly flight path for planes.

The project started by identifying Malta International Airport’s best routes with the aim of reducing emissions and noise pollution. It will enable the identification of the best flight path and help ensure that a plane stays on it even while facing adverse conditions.

Zammit Mangion is also working on a project called Touch Flight with Dr Jason Gauci and other colleagues at the university. The pro­ject involves the introduction of a touch screen system inside cockpits that will make aircraft easier to control than the current complex console system in place.

The first prototype is touch-screen only, but the aim is to develop a system that can also use voice commands. With this, pilots would be able to control all aspects of the flight from one screen, rather than from separate consoles in different parts of the cockpit.

The main difficulty, however, has been convincing older, more experienced pilots to make the transition to new technology. Pilot training will be essential in this shift.

For further details on the pro­jects visit the websites below.

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