Discover the beautiful Greek Islands

Discover the beautiful Greek Islands

For many travellers, Greece brings to mind images of a trip to the Greek islands, with whitewashed houses, stunning beaches and warm temperatures. Even though this is very much part of Greece, it is by far not a complete picture.

Greece is an extremely diverse country with distinct seasons and unique experiences all year round. Learning more about the seasons in Greece to be able to choose the best time of year to visit is important.

Greece has a total of 6,000 islands, scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, of which only 227 are inhabited. They take up 7,500km of the country’s 16,000-kilometre coastline. The islands are then divided into smaller groups.

Still not sure where to go this year?

Many dream about sipping a chilled glass of wine against a backdrop of little whitewashed houses or a romantic dinner at a traditional seaside restaurant as the sun perfectly sets in front of their eyes.

The Greek Islands are privileged with a longer summer season, so warm temperatures, sunny skies, stunning beaches and island-hopping can all be experienced.

Summer is perhaps the best time to visit. One is guaranteed endless swimming at different beaches, the experience of an island life in full swing, afternoon naps on sun loungers, dinners at seaside restaurants or on garden terraces, secluded beaches and a rich nightlife.

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Which island to opt for…


The best island in Greece, Santorini is very often included among the most romantic destinations in the world. Visited by millions of tourists every summer, it impresses with its steep calderas and amazing sunsets. Trips to the volcano, whose top can be seen from any spot of the caldera, are also possible. For swimming, one can head to the southern side of Santorini, where most beach resorts can be found.


Famous all over the world for its exotic beaches and crazy nightlife, Mykonos is the second best island in Greece, after Santorini. In the day, one can relax under the hot sun and dance in beach bars. In the evenings, one can head to Mykonos Town and see the sunset from Little Venice, walk around the narrow streets and have fun in the all-night bars.

Skiathos – Mamma Mia Island

An island with a cosmopolitan atmosphere, Skiathos is known for its sandy beaches, lively bars and lush green background. One can also visit the beaches of the southern side and take a boat trip to the exotic beach of Lalaria. Skiathos became widely famous when scenes of the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia were filmed there.

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