Watch: ‘Let’s not kill the goose that lays golden eggs’ - Sandro Chetcuti

Construction magnate: personal attacks keep me away from politics

Sandro Chetcuti believes the construction industry played a key part in the economy's growth as he dismisses talk of a property bubble bursting.

The president of the Malta Developers Association tells Kurt Sansone on Times Talk that the demand for high-quality property is real and cautions against "killing the goose that lays the golden eggs".

Although Mr Chetcuti acknowledges that the government has listened to the demands of developers, he disagrees that the 2014 ODZ policy has made it easier to build in the countryside.

Confronted by the perception that political parties were in the pockets of developers, Mr Chetcuti said the MDA was not there to represent people who cosied up to the political parties in a bid to receive political favours.

However, he said political parties should be financed by the State and called for well-paid MPs and ministers.

Asked whether he had political aspirations, Mr Chetcuti said the personal attacks on politicians and their families were a factor that kept him away from politics.

See the full interview with Mr Chetcuti above.

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