Serbia lead in Mediterranean Championship

Serbia lead in Mediterranean Championship

The Malta Racing Club hosted the first leg of the 2017 Mediterranean Championship at the Marsa Racetrack yesterday.

Malta was represented by Tony Demanuele who was up against Ivan Serik, of Russia, Matteo Di Meo, from Italy, Serbia’s Miodrag Pantic and Jean Paul Fasquelle from France.

This first leg consisted of two races for Bronze and Silver category horses in which the competitors were awarded points to determine the winner of the first leg.

The two Mediterranean Championship heats were won by Solide Du Jayle and Absolutelymeadow who were led drivers who were not taking part in the competition.

Serbia finished the first leg on top of the standings thanks to the points attained by Pantic.

In the first heat open for class Bronze trotters, the early leader, German mare Wee Speedy As (Tony Demanuele) ran out of steam midway through the final straight and was overtaken by Absolutelymeadow (Charles Camilleri) which secured its first win of the season.

Tresor De Quesny (Miograd Pantic) and Zootaren, under the guidance of Danish Gordon Dahl, finished respectively in third and fourth place.

In the class Silver heat, Solide Du Jayle (Tony Cauchi) dashed strongly from the outside 400m from the finishing line to gain its first win of the season by a length from Jezira (Rodney Gatt).

Kryddan (Miograd Pantic) and Rapide Du Matin (Jean Paul Fasquelle) followed in that order.

At the end of these two heats, the owners of the winning horses and drivers were presented with a trophy by the MRC chairman Edwin Borg and Aaron Ciantar on behalf of sponsors Chaudron Powerboats.

Another meeting at the Marsa Racetrack will be held tomorrow, starting at 1.30pm.

Yesterday’s winners

Race 1. Class Copper – Enjos TS (Marvin Cauchi) – 1.16.7”
Race 2. Class Copper – Nimbus Bjerregard (Cliferty Calleja) – 1.15.9”
Race 3. Class Copper – Querby Du Gite (Nathaniel Barbara) – 1.16.7”
Race 4. Class Copper – Valentino Dei Monti (Nathaniel Barbara) – 1.16.7”
Race 5. Chaudron Mediterranean Championship heat, Class Bronze – Absolutelymeadow (Charles Camilleri) – 1.17.4”
Race 6. Class Gold – Vikens Hot Lips (Jesmar Gafa’) – 1.15.5”
Race 7. Chaudron Mediterranean heat, Class Silver – Solide Du Jayle (Tony Cauchi) – 1.18.6”
Race 8. Class Silver – Urfist De Londi (Clint Vassallo) – 1.16.4”
Race 9. Class Gold – Overall (Rodney Gatt) – 1.14.5”
Race 10. Class Bronze – Very Crazy Quick (Dylan Baldacchino) – 1.16.7”

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