Watch: Mintoff/Fenech Adami had better relationship than Muscat/Busuttil - President

Coleiro Preca calls for State funding of political parties

In turbulent political times, Dom Mintoff and Eddie Fenech Adami had a better working rapport than Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil, according to the President.

Despite wildly divergent ideologies, Mr Mintoff and Dr Fenech Adami had a better relationship than today's two main political leaders, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca said.

"I'm disappointed with the way we're talking to each other… political leaders should lead by example," she told online editor Herman Grech on Times Talk

She put her case forward to have political parties funded by the State, as it would reduce the possibility and suspicions of backroom deals. Political institutions are important for a democracy but each need to be financed.

Ms Coleiro Preca called for a revamp of the constitution, which would empower all institutions beyond the political sphere.

While ruling out a return to partisan politics, Ms Coleiro Preca rejected suggestions that the president should be elected by a popular vote, saying it could prompt candidates to adopt populist stands.

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