EU summit: Malta to prepare migration measures roadmap - draft declaration

EU summit: Malta to prepare migration measures roadmap - draft declaration

EU leaders who will meet in Malta tomorrow are expected to declare their determination to take additional action to stem migratory flows along the Central Mediterranean route and break the business model of smugglers, while remaining vigilant about other routes.

Malta, as EU Council president, is expected to commit to the preparation of a roadmap on the implementation of new measures to tackle migration. 

"We will step up our work with Libya as the main country of departure as well as with its North African and sub-Saharan neighbours. Our actions will be carried out in full respect for human rights and international law, and in conjunction with UNHCR and IOM," the leaders are expected to say, according to a draft declaration. 

Priority will be given to:

a) training, equipment and support to the Libyan national coast guard;  

b) further efforts to disrupt the business model of smugglers through enhanced
operational action, within an integrated approach involving Libya and relevant international partners;

c) supporting through all available instruments the development of local communities in Libya, especially in coastal areas and at the Libyan borders, to improve their socio-economic situation and enhance their resilience as host communities;

d) seeking to ensure adequate reception capacities and conditions in Libya for migrants;

e) significantly stepping up assisted voluntary return activities;

f) enhancing information campaigns and outreach addressed at migrants, in cooperation with local actors and international organisations, particularly to counter the smugglers' business model;

g) helping to reduce the pressure on Libya's land borders, working both with the Libyan authorities and all neighbours of Libya, gradually enhancing the Libyan border management capacity;

h) keeping track of alternative routes and possible diversion of smugglers' activities;

i) continuing support to existing efforts and initiatives from individual Member States directly engaged with Libya;

j) deepening dialogue and cooperation on migration management with countries
neighbouring Libya, such as Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria.

The European Commission will mobilise an initial €200 million in additional funding for the implementation of these actions.


The draft says that the EU leaders "agree to act determinedly and speedily to achieve the objectives set out in this Declaration and call upon all actors to work towards this end.

"We welcome the intention of the Maltese Presidency to present a detailed roadmap to this effect to the Council at the earliest opportunity, to take work forward in close cooperation with the Commission and the High Representative, and to ensure close monitoring of results. The European Council will review progress on the overall approach at its meeting in June on the basis of a report from the Maltese Presidency." 

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