Shine and protect

Road grime and stuck-on brake dust on alloy wheels – that hurts every car owner. And apart from that, it will also damage the wheels: sooner or later these residues will eat their way through the lacquer. They leave behind ugly discolourations, which are exceedingly difficult to remove.

To ensure that the tyres are always fresh and gleaming, regular cleaning and individual care is required.

First, spray on Sonax Xtreme wheel cleaner, which gets into the corners and dissolves even the most stubborn dirt. In the process the Auto Bild test winner is exceptionally gentle on materials.

On contact with the dirt the cleaner changes colour to red, an indication of its full efficacy. It is acid free and has a lemon fragrance. Especially adhesive soiling can be thoroughly and gently removed with the enclosed special sponge.

Rinse off the wheels afterwards with a strong water jet and allow to dry or wipe dry. Then apply the Sonax Xtreme tyre gloss gel and allow to work in.

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