An offbeat take on in-car living

An offbeat take on in-car living

Citroen has unveiled the new C3, the latest take on a bestseller that has sold more than 3.5 million units since 2002. With its distinctive design and colourful personality, it’s brimming over with an exuberant freshness and optimism that will rock the market.

With the arrival of the new C3 there’s a wind of change blowing through the motoring scene. The versatile little hatchback sets a style of its own, standing out from the crowd with its perky, colourful, appealing personality.

The C3 embodies the core values of Citroen. Audacious by design, it produces an energetic posture. The slick, smooth outline, graphic signature and cool colours make the C3 an undeniable trendsetter. This is an affordable mid-range model addressing a broad sector of the population with the promise to match individual tastes and aspirations.

For the two-tone exterior, there’s a choice of three colours, plus colour choices for the fog lamps, rear C-pillar graphic and Airbumps. Inside, customers can choose between four different mood packs addressing three different motoring outlooks. As soon as you step in, the interior feels remarkably spacious, a sensation enhanced by the upholstery and uncluttered horizontal dashboard.

The new C3 exudes an unmistakable impression of well-being. The design was guided throughout by the Citroen Advanced Comfort programme, which charts an up-to-the-minute approach to Citroen’s s time-honoured supremacy in motoring comfort. The sensation of superlative comfort starts with the seats, visually as well as physically comfortable, the panoramic sunroof that floods the passenger compartment in light, the ingenious stowage features, and the generous space allocations.

The sensation of superlative comfort starts with the seats

These first impressions are confirmed by the colours and materials, inspired by the worlds of furniture and travel, consistent with the C3’s aim to make people feel literally at home when travelling by car. The deliberately designed cocoon effect filters out disturbances from the outside world, and offers ergonomic usage with all functions accessible from the seven-inch screen, plus hands-free ignition. The five-door C3 is practical yet compact with its length contained to 3.99 metres.

Designers paid special attention to stowage facilities, designed for optimum functionality without compromising interior harmony. There’s an ingenious central cubby and the glove box is the largest in this segment. The front doors have capacious cubbies, in a light colour to contrast with what’s in them, making things easier to find, while the boot volume approaches 300 litres.

The C3 brings up-to-the-minute technologies, starting with the world premiere of CitroenConnectedCam, a fully integrated and connected HD camera system that films your on-the-road experience for immediate sharing on social media or for subsequent viewing (or as evidence in the event of an incident, for example). Advanced driver assistance systems include: 3D connected navigation with speech recognition, reversing camera, lane departure alert, and blind spot monitoring. The efficiency of the C3 also extends to a full range of high-performance, high-efficiency engines and the EAT6 latest-generation automatic transmission.

The new C3 comes with a vast array of useful assistance, safety and comfort technologies making life on board easier and enhancing the driving experience.

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