Education system

I have the feeling that this is how changes are made to our educational system: we go in circles and adopt past practices that were discarded.

I had this feeling when I heard that vocational subjects are being introduced at secondary level. This is like introducing trade schools at secondary level, which were discarded years ago.

Years ago, we adopted the system of trying to set a common curriculum for all till Form 5, although choosing certain subjects remained in Form 3.

I am of the idea that introducing vocational subjects from Form 3 is not beneficial to the students.

It is better to have a common curriculum set for all, which celebrates multiple intelligences, than to introduce certain vocational subjects to some.

Celebrating multiple intelligences is needed by all students: all students should engagenot only in intellectual activity but also in physical activity, drama, music, etc., which would help  them students developall around.

Setting a common core curriculum and leaving vocational subjects and specialisation for later would enable us to find time for the much-needed media education, a very useful tool for our times, and time set to help students learn skills to continue to learn and apply lifelong learning.

Celebrating multiple intelligences is essential becausea student would not feel s/he is a failure because there would be some areas in whichs/he succeeds.

This is not done by teaching manual skills only to thosewho do not have the intellect-ual abilities.I think that manual skills need to be learned by all.


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