Patriotti Maltin to contest the general election

Moviment Patriotti Maltin is seeking candidates to contest the general election after having been registered as a political party by the Electoral Commission. 

That would make it the fifth political party expected to contest the 2018 election, along with the PL, the PN, AD, and the Partit Demokratiku.

Set up in 2014, the movement has held a series of public protests over migration and what it described as forced integration, drawing complaints of racism and xenophobia

The movement suffered embarrassment in October last when its leader on Xarabank admitted he did not know the words to the Maltese national anthem.

In January the movement held a protest in Msida to protest against Muslims praying in the open air and distributed pork sandwiches to protesters.

In October, Stephen Florian, a university lecturer and a senior official of the movement apologised after putting up a Facebook post saying it was time to out Alex Caruana as a transgender after he "photo-mobbed" the anti-migrant group at a manifestation.

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