Lucky punter wins VAT lottery four times in two months, and that is not all

More than €10,000 in wins over past 3 years

An unknown person has netted more than €10,000 in VAT lottery wins over the past three years, managing the incredible feat of winning twice in the same draw for two consecutive months. 

The mystery punter's ID card number came up twice in this month's list of lottery winners, with a €1,269 win being added to their initial €627 win. 

Facebook users greeted news of the punter's stroke of good luck with raised eyebrows and more than a hint of scepticism, prompting the Department of Information - which first posted the results on Facebook - to write that it had "taken note of your concerns, and passed them on to the relevant authority."

The DOI has acknowledged concerns.The DOI has acknowledged concerns.

A look at previous VAT lottery winners' lists suggests the lack of conviction might be justified. 

Just last month, the very same person managed to take home a whopping €6,703 thanks to two separate VAT lottery wins. 

And if that wasn't enough, the same individual also won sums back in April 2015 and in April and November 2014. Wins in those years varied from €233 to €900, taking his total earnings between 2014 and last month up to €10,535. 

Incredible as it may seem, this is not the first time that the same person has won twice in the same VAT lottery draw - although it is the first time that the same person has won twice for two months in a row. 

In June 2013, a man from Guardiamangia won €23,000 after scooping up two separate VAT lottery wins of €11,000 each in the same month.

Statistician Silvan Zammit had calculated that if the man in question had submitted 1,000 VAT receipts that month, the odds of him winning twice were 0.000006 per cent.

In April 2012, another person won twice in the same draw, although the prize money in that case was a more modest €233. 

Multiple wins spread over many draws are even more common.  

Back in April, a Times of Malta reader was moved to write a letter noting that one person had managed an astounding four VAT lottery wins in nine months. 

And back in 2003, 11 officials at the Public Lotto Department were charged with tampering with the lottery, after police caught wind of the scheme, which involved clipping receipts to the inside hinge of the lotto urn. 

The VAT lottery is drawn every month, with officials drawing winners by randomly plucking fiscal receipts submitted by the public. 

The next lottery draw is due to take place on November 15 at 8.15am. The public can attend the draw, which will occur at the Public Lotto Stores on Wied il-Kbir, Qormi. 


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