Message to all Churches

I would like to draw readers’ attention to how the so-called Christian Churches have gone off the rails.

When Jesus was on earth, He never asked for money. He did not only heal rich people.

For the last five weeks, the readings during Mass were about the proper use of money and how not to waste it. Yet, just a few minutes later, collection bags are circulated among the congregation. In my case, there was also an appeal to raise money to help pay for the extra cost of heating during winter.

Jesus never asked anyone to actually build Him or the Father a cathedral or a church. Yet, millions of euros are spent every year to help build new or maintain such structures.

Jesus never travelled or went on holiday but priests travel annually and holiday for something like three weeks a year.

So where have the Churches gone wrong?

Like every other religion, Christianity has gone off the rails and the human element of, let’s call it, greed or power has robbed congregations of their hard-earned money only to be spent on stuff God does not want.

A message to all Churches, be they Jewish, Christian or Islam: God does not want your money, He does not need you to kill any of His creatures and He wants us all to live in peace. Are you really doing what God wants you to do?

I believe that all Catholics should go back to basics and start celebrating Sunday Mass at the park. Maybe then it will start meaning something to all others who see it happen.


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