Gozo’s ‘new world’

Pegasus Publishers have just published A Thorne in the Flesh by E. L. Darbishire.

As Simon Thorne would likely point out to you, most stories like his start out with a woman. In this case it is the lovely Kristina, Simon’s university girlfriend. He has postponed a good job in television and taken on the role of a barman just to be near to where she lives.

These stories rarely end anywhere near the place they begin, though, and Simon’s is no exception. His will take him to the sunburnt island of Gozo in the company of a rich older woman, and into a world he is not expecting or prepared for.

E. L. Darbishire was born and raised in South West Wales, which he still regards as home. After graduating, he joined a multi-national agricultural company and saw service in the UK, the US, Mexico, Canada and Malta.

In the mid-1980s, his career went off at a tangent when he was head hunted to try to revive an ailing movie studio in Malta. He remained in the film industry for a dozen or so years before embarking on the final stage of his career so far, as a journalist. He wrote articles for some of Malta’s English language newspapers and edited a monthly culture magazine.

He is married to Nicky and these days they divide their time between a crumbling farmhouse in Malta and a small house in Gozo.

Copies of A Thorne in the Flesh (price  £7.99, Vanguard Press) can be purchased direct from the publisher by visiting or by calling 01223 370012. Contact can be made with the author via Pegasus.

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