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Accounting Services Ltd CEO Adrian Sciberras

Accounting Services Ltd CEO Adrian Sciberras

 Turnover is for show, but cashflow is king. A solid strategy for your company’s accounts goes a long way to help your business stay healthy and solvent. If guidance for your accounting and tax requirements is what you need, then a reliable company you can always turn to for professional solutions is only logical.

Accounting and financial planning are an essential part of a healthy business, so getting all documentation sorted under one roof is a necessary step towards being well organised and fully functioning.

That's where Accounting Services Ltd come in; a team that is diverse and proactive in helping clients every step of the way. Founded in July 2013, the established accountancy firm based in Birkirkara, Accounting Services Ltd, grew rapidly and steadily over the past few years and today employs a team of 25 professionals. The company's team of professionals provides services locally and internationally, to both individuals and businesses, prioritising customer service at affordable fees.

Forming part of a corporate group, Accounting Services Ltd, together with Fairwinds Management Limited, A+A Assurance Services Ltd, Admin Genie Ltd and Delivering Homes Ltd, the companies function as a single entity in order to provide a complete range of business operations and services.

From the start, the company has been focused on providing its services locally and internationally. This was possible together with a skilled and professional team, and a level of customer service that exceeds expectations. 

Running a business isn't easy or straightforward. You’ll find that you often end up with tons of paperwork and administration tasks that take too much time. Tax is complicated and time consuming and time is better spent prospecting for new clients and making sure you get paid.

Given their total understanding of business needs, Accounting Services will help you improve as a company by strengthening your base and providing the best professional services in accountancy, administration, tax advisory and business consultancy. Each group focuses on a different area to ensure a specialised service, and can provide you with company incorporation, business consultancy, book-keeping, preparation of financial statements, statutory and internal audits, VAT registration, secretarial and administration services, taxation and real estate services.

Over the next few years, the group plans to expand to further develop and sharpen its professional services for local and international clientele in order to keep up with increased market demand.

“Our aim is to double the number of employees within the next two years, whilst continuing to invest in our employees as we greatly believe that our team functions as one entity and our employees are the ones who run the company hand in hand with management,” said Adrian Sciberras, CEO of the group.

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