Andrew Mangion charged with murder of wife Eleanor Mangion Walker

No bail requested

The estranged husband of Eleanor Mangion Walker has been charged with having murdered her on July 2. 

Andrew Mangion, 40, pleaded not guilty to the charge in a court session presided by magistrate Natasha Galea Sciberras, as relatives of his apprehensively followed proceedings. 

The Swieqi resident and handyman by profession gave himself up to authorities last week following a two-day manhunt. 

He was subsequently held at Mount Carmel hospital for treatment, with Inspector Keith Arnaud telling the court that he was only interrogated yesterday, after his mental state had improved. 

The 33-year-old mother's body was discovered wrapped in a plastic bag and hidden under some wooden pallets in a Qormi warehouse on July 3. An autopsy revealed she had died due to grievous head injuries inflicted by a hard object. The murder weapon has yet to be found. 

Sources say Mr Mangion told a close relative that he had killed his wife and sought their help to dispose of the body. 

Forensic investigators reportedly believe that a white van owned by Mr Mangion was used to move the body to the warehouse, with Ms Mangion Walker most likely killed in a Swieqi garage.

The couple, who were married in 2009 and had a nine-year-old daughter, were in the midst of separation proceedings.

Ms Mangion Walker reportedly sought legal advice about alleged threats by her estranged husband approximately a year ago.  The two were still living together in a Swieqi apartment belonging to the victim’s mother but leading separate lives.

Defence counsel Joe Giglio told the court that his client was not requesting bail at this stage. Mr Mangion will now be held at Corradino prison, as he has been discharged from Mount Carmel. 

Inspectors Keith Artaud and Kylie Borg led the prosecution, with lawyers Michael and Lucio Sciriha appearing parte civile for the victim.