Muscat in same league as Farage – Busuttil

Muscat in same league as Farage – Busuttil

'Most shallow post-Brexit analysis' - PL

Updated with PL statement at 3pm

Joseph Muscat’s use of the word eurorealist puts him in the same league as British eurosceptic Nigel Farage, according to the Opposition leader.

Simon Busuttil took the Prime Minister to task over his reaction to the Brexit vote in the UK, describing it as confusing.

“While he says exiting the EU is suicide, the Prime Minister was reacting in a manner that almost justified the decision… by using the word eurorealist he put himself in the same league as [Nigel] Farage, [Boris] Johnson and [David] Cameron,” Dr Busuttil said.

He insisted the referendum result had to be respected but this did not mean he agreed with it.

He was addressing the closing session of a seminar for candidates organised by the Nationalist Party this morning in Valletta.

While he says exiting the EU is suicide, the Prime Minister was reacting in a manner that almost justified the decision

Dr Muscat used the word eurorealist on Wednesday to describe a breakfast meeting of European leaders in the absence of the UK, on the second day of an EU summit. The meeting, the Prime Minister had said, discussed the issues that may have led to people in the UK wanting out of the EU and the problems the union was facing.

Nigel FarageNigel Farage

Back from a summit of the European People’s Party, Dr Busuttil reflected on a comment made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who listed what every politician’s order of priorities should be: the national interest, the party’s interest, the personal interest.

If this order is skewed, Dr Busuttil said, it would create a mess. He then lambasted the Prime Minister for relegating the national interest to the bottom rung by keeping Minister Konrad Mizzi and chief of staff Keith Schembri, despite their involvement in Panama Papers.

He again asked how was it possible for Dr Muscat to take on the EU presidency next year with Dr Mizzi and Mr Schembri still sitting by his side.

Dr Busuttil said at the EPP summit he had other leaders ask him whether Dr Mizzi was still in office and about the Prime Minister’s reaction to Brexit.

He described the seminar as a sign of the PN’s preparedness for an election whenever it came.

Busuttil's 'latest gem' - PL

In a reply, the Labour Party said Dr Busuttil's "latest gem" deserved the top spot for the most shallow post-Brexit analysis.

"He joins a small political elite in denial, without a clue on how the current situation came about and how to react it. The leader of the Opposition is simply out of touch with the life of hardworking families who feel alienated by politicians like himself.

"He is also out of touch with the main line of thought of many European leaders. Simon Busuttil: fail," Labour charged. 

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