I'm pro-life too

'Pro-life' protests can turn quite ugly. Photo: Shutterstock

'Pro-life' protests can turn quite ugly. Photo: Shutterstock

Yeah that’s right, I’m pro-life too. I’m tired of all these groups, most of which hold a view diametrically opposed to mine, touting themselves as ‘pro-lifers’, for all the world as though all those who disagree with them are advocating wholesale murder. Way to (attempt) to manipulate the emotions of the masses.

Well, I have news for you, Women for Life and Gift of Life people. I am pro-life, too. Only, my definition of pro-life is very far off from yours. I also am pro-civil rights and pro-‘let me do whatever the hell I want with my body as long as I’m not harming others’.

I’m also pro-not lying to win my arguments. And, when I read statements like “the morning after pill causes abortions” (who needs science, when there’s Dr Godfrey Farrugia laying down his own version of medical law?) and the even bigger whopper “the morning after pill increases rape” (thank you, Women for Life) I marvel at these people’s lack of conscience. Such irony, given that they are attempting to hold themselves up as paragons of morality and ethics.

Of course, people have a perfect right to disagree with usage of the morning-after pill. And no-one is forcing them to use it. But when it comes to using deceit in order to swing public opinion and rob women of their civil rights... well, that’s a whole different kettle of fish.

I’m not going to bother quoting the avalanche of medical links proving exactly why Dr Farrugia is wrong. He is a medical man. He is perfectly well-aware of the whys and wherefores, which makes the way he is wilfully trying to mislead people in the street even more morally reprehensible. I use the word wilfully, because unless he is pulling a Monty Python and telling us that every sperm is sacred, then he is surely better acquainted than I am with the fact that the morning after pill cannot cause an abortion.

As for your other claim that it increases promiscuity, let me see how I can put this politely. It’s none of your damned business who other people sleep with

But I can’t allow statements like “the pill increases rape” to pass by unchallenged. Rape culture remains so strong, the bias against victims so unjust, that those of us who say nothing are practically complicit in encouraging the victim shaming mentality.

The pill has the same effect on the incidence of rape as short skirts do. And alcohol, and walking alone late at night. Which is to say, none at all.

Rape is caused by rapists, fullstop. Rape is caused by men who need a quick power trip and who lack the balls to obtain it legitimately. And its seriousness is mitigated by people who attempt to blame it on anything but the rapist.

After the whole Stanford rapist scenario, I would have thought that a women’s association – no matter how ridiculously named – would have displayed a measure of sensitivity and maturity when talking about rape. I was wrong.

How dare anyone attempt to swing public opinion to match their personal agenda – because yes, keeping the morning-after pill off the local market is a personal agenda – by implying that rape can be caused by any factors independent of the person committing it?

As for your other claim that it increases promiscuity, let me see how I can put this politely. It’s none of your damned business who other people sleep with.

For shame, ladies. Way to undermine the rights of your own sex.


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