Marlene Farrugia hits out at government ahead of 'American university' debate

Marlene Farrugia hits out at government ahead of 'American university' debate

Independent MP Marlene Farrugia said today that the way how the government had handled the transfer of property for the 'American University of Malta' was like a feudal lord.

"The government is disposing of irreplaceable and priceless national assets, when clear alternatives exist which can give the same return while safeguarding the nation's most precious resources," she told Times of Malta hours before the transfer of property in Zonqor and Cospicua is debated in Parliament.

She said successive government had squandered Malta's environmental heritage, and threatening the overall health and wellbeing of an entire nation.

The PL, she said, was elected on a clear mandate to become the epitome of good governance which  it promised to be when in opposition.

But the way this first potential big project was enticed and handled left much to be desired.

"The PL in government has repeated precisely what it had vehemently criticised when the PN was in government," she said. 

"If one looks into the sequence of events as they unfolded, as well as into the events themselves , not least what was said and done in the Parliamentary Committee which I chaired, it is clear that this government cannot be trusted to engage in clean , transparent business in the best overall interest of the country.

"This project could have materialised without consuming a square inch of ODZ land, had due process been followed, powered by a real will to do things right for our people who have told the govt repeatedly that their remaining ODZ legacy is not for sale," Dr Farrugia said.

"As a people we have to stand up and be counted to stop the pillaging of our country's resources by an incompetent , treacherous few, imposing their will on a betrayed electorate."

This evening's debate starts at 6.30pm with no time limit. The opposition has warned it could stretch beyond midnight.

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil said this morning that the government could have waited but instead chose to rush and force the debate before the Christmas recess.

“You can expect a heated debate about what is clearly a controversial subject. But, the Opposition will be saying why this deal is a mistake and showing the people that at least there is someone in parliament,” Dr Busuttil said.

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