Grisly business of abortion

It is unbelievable that some people can say they fight for ‘human rights’ and at the same time, contemplate the removal of legal safeguards that defend the rights of the most vulnerable of all humans – those of the unborn child.

They sadly attempt to dehumanise the human embryo by carefully omitting the word ‘human’ itself, knowing that the very mention of it will remind us of its humanity.

Early stage human embryos are dismissed as being ‘meaningless clumps of cells… no more than in a drop of blood’.

They chose to ignore the fact that even at this stage the unborn human child has its own DNA and is an individual in its own right.

I know, as a scientific fact, that my life began at the moment of my conception. My being and humanity were never brought into question. Like most couples, my parents loved me from the moment they knew of my presence in my mother’s womb. That, of course, also involved emotions. Now this is another subject which those who favour abortion find it difficult to cope with.

Emotion is an integral part of the human psyche, so one cannot remove them from the equation. The only time emotions suit supporters of abortion is when the facts about the actual horrific process of abortion are made clear to women who are heading for the abortion clinic. Then we are accused of upsetting them.

Unfortunately, those of us who seek to defend human life from conception have to deal with the aggressive scorn of the pro-abortion lobby who insist that the choice of abortion is a human right. By insidiously denying the humanity of the unborn human being, it is possible to persuade some people that a baby cannot be termed human, just because it has not yet fully formed in the womb, and indeed remains inside it.

There is plenty of evidence available about the development of the unborn human child in the womb. This does not sit well with those who favour abortion.

By removing safeguards for the human embryo, society would be crossing a fundamental moral line

In fact, they attempt to stifle the freedom of speech of those who make available literature and pictures which show the truths involved. They are quick to decry anything which shows what abortion is really about. And abortion is an extremely violent process. They accuse pro-lifers of using ‘scare tactics’.

They want to push their own version of things, but knowing the possible effects of exposing the truths about abortion, they fight tooth and nail against the facts being made known. And yet they demand the right of choice for any freedom one can name.

The horrific consequences of what could happen should abortion be legalised were only recently exposed in the US. Pro-life activists revealed the grisly business of Planned Parenthood selling body parts of foetuses with the callous attitude one would employ in selling auto-parts.

We never cease to be amazed by the lengths to which those who favour abortion go in order to justify their demands.

The fact is that, given that human rights are so important, they should also extend to the unborn, who are at our mercy at all times.

It is true that women facing an unintended, unwanted or otherwise troublesome pregnancy may face emotionally painful, stressful and embarrassing situations. But an innocent and defenceless person deserves protection.

A civilised, caring society, worthy of the name, owes these women all the assistance necessary to cope with their predicament. We also know that some women who became pregnant through rape and incest have actually gone on, at their own volition, to give birth. One tends not to be told about such brave women, because they are an unacceptable anomaly to abortionists.

The right to life is a universally recognised human right. By removing safeguards for the human embryo, society would be crossing a fundamental moral line. Of course, for some, morality means different things. But to label as ‘fundamentalist religious fanatics’ those who respect life is a cheap jibe from those who seek to ‘accuse’ believers in God of being the only people who take a stand for life.

Let us hope that the people of this country will retain their great respect for human life, regardless of any religious persuasion or lack thereof. One hopes that everybody will uphold human life in every respect and not just when it suits their own particular agenda.

Gerry Cowie is an office manager and freelance teacher of English as a foreign language, with a profound respect for human life at all stages.

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