Shipping movements

The following ships are expected in Malta:

The Karina from Algiers to Algiers, the Oued Ziz from Bejaia to Tunis, the CMA CGM Orfeo from Port Klang to Valencia (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the Romy Trader from Tunis to Tunis (Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd), the BF Confianza from Rijeka to Salerno (Sullivan Shipping) and the MV Eurocargo Malta from Genoa to Genoa (Sullivan Maritime) today.

The BF Nilou from Sfax to Skikda, the Turnbury Kontor from Durres to Avcilar, the Pacoba (ex-Kasif Kalkavan) from Varna to Avcilar, the Hansa Oldenburg from Mersin to Alexandria, the Box Emma from Genoa to Damietta, the Pacaya from Port Said to Ploce (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the Maersk Seoul from Port Said to Port Tangier and the Seago Bremerhaven from Valencia to Piraeus (both Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) tomorrow.

The ER Aukland from Bar, the Wehr Weser from Tanger Med to Livorno, the Hansa Narvik from Antalya to Mersin, the Nordic Luebeck from Trapani to Catania, the CMA CGM Tosca from Jeddah to Tanger Med (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the MSC Fabiola from Valencia to Salalah (John Ripard & Son Ltd) and the MV Eurocargo Venezia from Genoa to Livorno (Sullivan Maritime) on Saturday.

The JSP Levante (ex-El Toro) from Annaba to Bejaia, the Santa Bettina from Aliaga to Tanger Med, the Camellia from Tanger Med to Gebze, the Devon Strait from Algiers to Algiers (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the Maesk Bulan from Algeciras to Izmit, the Rio Charleston from Antwerp to Ashdod, the Nysted Maersk from Izmir to Thessaloniki, the Alexander Maersk from Sfax to Misurata (all Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd) and the BF Euphoria from Catania to Rijeka (Sullivan Shipping) on Sunday.

The Saint Roch from Misurata to Misurata, the Hoheplate from Skikda, the CMA CGM Corte Real from Le Havre to Khor al Fakkan (all CMA CGM Malta Agency Ltd), the Maersk Funchal from Algiers to Algiers, the Vega Stockholm from Valencia to Tunis (both Thomas Smith Shipping Ltd), the MV Eurocargo Napoli from Salerno to Salerno and the MC Eurocargo Malta from Genoa to Genoa (both Sullivan Maritime) on Monday.

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