Simplifying payroll

Local accounting firm Anton Azzopardi and Associates has launched Payday, an online payroll management system.

Specialising in payrolls, the firm brings an easy, flexible and affordable financial aid to the market. Payday acts as an interface between employers and their employees for all payroll affairs which exist between them, including payslips, leave management and timesheets. This web interface serves the purpose of gathering data which is then processed into payslips and then dispersed to relevant personnel through the former medium.

The human element required for such processes allows full control and monitoring of virtually every aspect. Programmed to remind financial advisors of any pending requests or areas which require further attention, it ultimately serves as an assistant to any financial controller or human resource personnel.

The packages offered through the system surround these services, providing different combinations. The first package includes the service of payslip generation, the second package combines the payslip service with that of leave management, the third package includes the payroll service with timesheets, and the fourth package consists of all three services.

Moreover, its competitive edge lies in its proficient ability to cater for multiple entities through one hub, while simultaneously providing a communication platform superior to multitudinous e-mails or networking sites, through its clear-cut design and recording system.

The firm is offering a 10 per cent discount on any package when registering this year for 2016 payrolls. Terms and conditions apply.

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