How to make it big in business

Who doesn’t dream of making it big in business? And who doesn’t aspire for the comforts and luxuries of life with the least possible effort?

All true entrepreneurs will tell you how hard it is to make money. There are also numerous stories of near bankruptcy and some have even wiped out massive fortunes. These days, being creative and innovative isn’t enough to succeed in business – the two elements need to be supplemented by know-how, skill and discipline in day-to-day management of the resources available to you as an entrepreneur.

These elements and more have been the driving force behind the development of the level 5 MQF diploma in entrepreneurship jointly by Saint Martin’s Institute and the Royal Holloway, University of London. Students are guided in the rigours of business, how to analyse the different industries to select the most attractive opportunities, and which firms operating in these industries make good investments. To achieve such an understanding, students are given a solid grounding in accounting, statistics, modern business management, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Students will also form into groups and learn how to brainstorm business ideas and investigate, through a feasibility study and market appraisal, which ideas may be taken to a business plan stage. Students will develop a business plan to participate in the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise business plan competition.

In this one academic year programme, students will be prepared for the world of business and a foundation for further studies at level 6 MQF towards a degree specialising in international business, marketing or human resources. The diploma in entrepreneurship is taught early enough for young men and women to understand and find out if they truly have the calling for the business world. Simultaneously, it will offer those who don’t aspire to be business owners but see themselves working in the business world to appreciate the various views in the relationship between entrepreneurs, managers and employees.

A few vacancies are available for the diploma in entrepreneurship. Students’ applications which meet the minimum entry qualifications will be received on a first come first served basis until the end of September. Saint Martin’s Institute is also offering a financial scheme to assist students in tuition fee payment through the GetQualified scheme and full time students receive stipends and maintenance grants through the MGUS.

For more information contact Saint Martin’s Institute of Higher Education on 2123 5451 and or visit

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