A big idea condensed

A big idea condensed

The humble paper clip, tungsten filament and silicon chip: sometimes, the biggest ideas are found in the smallest things.

In today’s reality, the prospect of a large luxury vehicle, although attractive, can’t always be materialised in practice. This is where the idea of the Audi A1 was born. The present day economic realities and the increasing congestion in cities and on the roads mean that a small car is more practical for most of us.

Hence the idea of the A1 was born. Launched in 2010 to meet the new market demands, the A1 quickly boomed into popularity with over 500,000 cars sold worldwide.

Now the freshly face-lifted city compact has become even more attractive with sportier lines combined with a wider choice of trims and colours.

The interior has become more sophisticated and spacious. The clean layout of the controls and fine chrome trim strips bring out the elegance true to the Audi mindset and give the sense of luxury you can only get with a premium vehicle. If that’s still not enough, the A1 can be further customised to meet your needs by choosing either the S line package or from a variety of trims.

Under the hood, there’s even more excitement. There’s a choice of three engines: 1.0 TFSI (96 bhp), 1.4 TFSI (125 bhp) and 1.6 TDI (116bhp) available in both manual and automatic drive. The new three-cylinder engines are not only more powerful and fun to drive but have become more efficient too with fuel economy improved by as much as 10 per cent.

The chassis of the A1 has become more sporty and agile. The new electromechanical steering guarantees that the driver has optimal assistance in all driving situations, while the ESC electronic stabilisation control makes handling even more precise and stable, meaning the A1 behaves like a mid-range car.

For entertainment, the high-end infotainment system will not only provide you with enjoyment. The Audi Connect feature as part of the tech package links you to the outside world via means of internet and allows you to access any information, entertainment or Google Earth for navigation and maps. Furthermore, with a wireless hotspot within the car, passengers can also connect their mobile devices.

The Audi A1 is not just a car – it’s an extension of you.

Continental Cars Limited is offering the A1 at the starting price of €19,900 with the possibility of zero per cent deposit and H.P. at 5.5 per cent. For a test-drive and more information, contact Continental Cars Limited on 2347 6340/60.

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