Brainwashing by omission

Today I received a text message from a newspaper which claims to be the most independent and investigative one. Its owners also claim it’s the only one worth reading in cuckooland.

It came rather early in the morning which everyone knows is a killer. I read it avidly expecting great breaking news. All it proposed was to assist me in my choice of Sunday reading—naturally to choose their edifying newspaper.

The text said that David Gonzi, the son of the former Prime Minister, was brushing off a European arrest warrant threat. And then it went on to say that the newspaper includes other exciting stuff including a survey on tattoos.

Now, under any normal circumstances, the son of a former Prime Minister being in any way connected to the i-Gaming scandal uncovered in Italy, might, especially on usually quiet un-newsy August Sunday mornings, constitute sensational news. But when there are many worse, many more scandals I want to hear all about, this is pure drivel.

Not just silly drivel. It is drivel driven by an agenda to let off the government, its cronies and its complete disregard of anything close to good governance, scot-free. To cleanse all the sins of the day committed by those in power by diverting the spotlight onto other targets.

Long may this country be free, free of bias and free of bigotry.

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